Friday 22 January 2010

Our Man in Havana is........A Bulgarian

click here to go to the blogAn EU Foreign Minister ('High Representative for Foreign Affairs' in EU DoubleSpeak) only became a legal reality just 53 days ago. First appointee Baroness Ashton of UpMoscow has yet to be confirmed in office. The EU Diplomatic Service ('External Action Service' or 'EAS' in EU DoubleSpeak) likewise is 56 days old: yet already it has opened 50 'EU Embassies' across the world. That was quick, I hear you say.

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Friday 1 January 2010

Where There's Brass, There's Muck

click here to go to the blogHere's another angle on the scam that is Carbon Trading. When debit cards were first introduced in the UK I prosecuted several supermarket checkout girls who had been helping themselves to customer's money using the newly introduced cards. The company security officer witness told me that it took their staff under a week from the moment of introduction to work out how to steal using the cards.

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Wednesday 30 December 2009

Titter Ye Not At John Selwyn Gummer

click here to go to the blogJohn Selwyn Gummer, a used leftover from the Major years still to be found peddling EuroCrap in the House of Commons, has announced his retirement from Parliament. This will bring belated Christmas cheer to all free-born Englishmen for this is a genuine dyed-in-the-wool member of the EuroTaleban. A Champagne day, then. His observations to the East Anglian Daily Times (EADT24) (Hattip: ConHome) concerning his departure are, however, utterly beyond parody:

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Tuesday 29 December 2009

Lithuania: The EU Bill Falls Due

click here to go to the blogLithuanians were doubtless told in 2003 - as many an aspiring EU member had been before and will be again - that joining the European Union would bring jobs, prosperity, streets paved with gold, fields filled to brimming with milk and honey, peace, Eden and mother's apple pie all rolled into one.

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Monday 21 December 2009

“Work makes you free” sign theft conspiracy theories

click here to go to the blogNeo-Nazi attack? Dark forces acting to make Poland look bad? The theft of the "Arbeit macht frei" sign from Gate I at the site of the former Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, recovered today and five arrested in northern Poland, has been a sign of the times - when everything has a conspiracy behind it.

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Smuggo: A Prophet Without Honour

click here to go to the blogIt is devoutly to be hoped that history will be profoundly unkind to Anthony Blair. No man has had a more malign effect, by a very long chalk, on British politics and the British body politic than this charlatan of a snake oil salesman. His words of hurt indignation at the galling disdain of his fellow countrymen reported this weekend will have brought pleasure to many.

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Friday 18 December 2009

eBorders Leak Through EU Sieve

click here to go to the blogThe Treaty on the Functioning of The European Union (TFEU) may not be Joe Public's bedside reading - like all Eurospeak documents it is not exactly accessible to ordinary folk - but time and again it comes back to kick the interests of the British People in the teeth. Now it has carefully trashed the heart of Labour's much vaunted eBorders scheme, effectuvely neutering it.

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Thursday 17 December 2009

Comrade Ashton of UpMoscow Speaks

click here to go to the blogBaroness Ashton of UpMoscow, lately the doxy of one Duncan Rees, erstwhile General-Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain, has relieved herself over the leader pages of The Times of her first pensées as the Andrei Gromyko of the EU. They are, for someone who has risen, as they say, without trace, predictably anodyne.

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Tuesday 15 December 2009

The BBC Used to Believe in Global Cooling....

click here to go to the blogAs I listen yet again to the Government Propaganda Service (aka The BBC) allowing an Anthropogenic Globing Warming fanatic oodles of unfettered and unchallenged airtime asserting that he is right and we are wrong, I was reminded of another time when the BBC was just as determined to persuade us that we were on the cusp of a new Ice Age.

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Monday 14 December 2009

Between The Devil & The Deep Pinky-Blue Sea

click here to go to the blogThe current dip in the Conservative Party's poll ratings have brought on considerable jitters in its ranks. Labour has seized on it as evidence that the game is still on and all is to play for. But it has also sharpened the nature of the personal decision that some voters will have to make about their vote come the General Election.

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Cowardly Gordon Brown Plays 'War Hero'

click here to go to the blogOur Prime Minister may be many things but courageous is most certainly not one of them. Exigencies of space militate against a lengthy adumbration of examples of his gutlessness but his bottling of a mandate-seeking General Election two years ago will come to most minds. Nor does one need to indulge in a litany of his other egregious character flaws to remind us that this Prime Minister is quite the most unpleasant individual to occupy Number 10 Downing Street in several lifetimes.

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Sunday 13 December 2009

Mr. Speaker: A Politically Corrupt Little Shyster

click here to go to the blogNothing so points up the rank corruption of our present ruling political class than the news in today's Mail on Sunday that Mr. Speaker Bercow so fears the judgement of his fellow citizens that he wishes to remove himself from the risk that such judgement might be unfavourable.

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Friday 11 December 2009

The EU's Repo Man Cometh

click here to go to the blogThere you were, bombing along in the fast lane. Chauffered about in your limo, your police outriders stop the traffic for you at every junction with strident whistle-blasts. The world's most powerful woman hangs on your every word as you bill and coo in her ear. Then one morning you come downstairs and the limo has gone. Bang: The EU's Repo Man has been.

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Tuesday 8 December 2009

Jaruzelski did ask for 1981 Soviet intervention?

click here to go to the blogPoland's Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) is to release documents which appear to show that General Jaruzelski did indeed request support from Moscow if Solidarity protests got out of control.

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Monday 7 December 2009

Where Are The Reds Now?

click here to go to the blogHave you ever given thought to what all those homegrown Commie bastards did after their dreamworld was trashed? To quote Sinn Fein-IRA's Gerry Adams, "they haven't gone away you know".

No indeed.

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Lisbon's Bills Fall Due

click here to go to the blogWith the ink on the Czech Republic's Instrument of Ratification of the EU Constitution still wet, the EU Comrades continue to move with considerable, if unsurprising haste, to consolidate their seizure of power from the member states. First Nicolas Sarkozy's personal attack dog, Michel Barnier, was installed as EU Commissioner in charge of the single market. Now a French Poodle has picked up the Agriculture Brief.

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Sunday 6 December 2009

Obama - The War President And The Speech

click here to go to the blogPresident Obama just finished speaking at West Point..and now it's time to look at what he actually had to say. It was a weird, furtive speech that failed in what was supposed to be its primary goal - convincing the American people that nation building in Afghanistan was actually necessary to American security...

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UK PM Brown Snubbed By Wounded Brit Soldiers

click here to go to the blogUK Prime Minister Gordon Brown is decidedly unpopular among Britain's wounded warriors, and apparently many of them have no problems showing it. At the Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham where some of the most severely wounded from Afghanistan are being treated, more than half the soldiers deliberately avoided Brown when he visited.

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No sex please…we’re Danish?

click here to go to the blogSomething is rotten in the capital of Denmark. Prostitutes are offering free sex in protest against a local government campaign urging Copenhagen climate change delegates to steer clear of the city’s brothels. Thirty thousand delegates will be joined by scores of human trafficers and their cargo, if the Copenhagen local government is to be believed.

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Friday 4 December 2009

We Are All Climate Saboteurs Now

click here to go to the blogSuch is the twist into which protagonists of Anthropogenic Global Warming have got their knickers following the so-called 'Warmergate Scandal' exposing their trickery to the light of day that at least one of its more rabid puffers, one Ed Miliband (scion of a foreign Marxist professor) has come out as the Felix Dzerzhinsky of his day.

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Thursday 3 December 2009

Where Power Resides

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In the week when the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign independent nation state, when Gordon Brown became a mere Provincial Governor of the EU, when the Tory Party suddenly woke up to a decline in its ratings dating to its raising the white flag over Lisbon, to where are now drawn all eyes and ears over matters European?

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Tuesday 1 December 2009

You Can Lead The Horse to Water........

click here to go to the blogWe should be grateful for the existence of Dan Hannan. If there were more Tory MPs & MEPs like him we might have a political party in power in 2010 that was actually serious about our relationship with the European Union. Pity then he is so slow on the uptake.

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Wednesday 4 November 2009

Hague: 'I'll Dilly-Dally All The Way To Brussels'

click here to go to the blogIt is bad enough that the Tories, who will, barring some unforeseen event, form the next 'government' of the United Kingdom, should have reneged upon their 'cast-iron' promise to hold a referendum on the EU Constitution (ake The Lisbon or Zombie Treaty). Now comes news from the horse's mouth that the Tories' EU policy upon coming into power will amount to inaction, procrastination and William Hague examining his navel very, very, very carefully.

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Sunday 1 November 2009

So There It Is. There Will Be No Conservative Referendum.

click here to go to the blogBut there will be a manifesto commitment to renegotiate. What does that mean? That's the problem. No one can know at this stage what events will trigger, or where the conflict will come. But at some point, there will be a national outcry, not just a eurosceptic outcry. It is then that Cameron should deploy his forces to wrest power away from the EU.

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Mr Darling does a banking u turn

click here to go to the blogWhen you know the EU is going to impose a policy on your branch government which differs from the one you're following at present, get in and change your policy first, so that it looks as if you're still in control. You may emerge as a contradictory ditherer, but at least the contradictions spring from your own head and are not a result of having them imposed on you. ...

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Tuesday 27 October 2009

Comedians Lead Fightback Against EU

click here to go to the blogReading the EU tea-leaves has never been harder. Will Lisbon be ratified? Will Klaus buckle? Will Blair be President? Will life in Europe become anti-democratic, and brutal? Where can you find anyone willing to write and explain what is going on, and how, if at all, the collosal power that the EU is hoping to consolidate over its member states will be stopped?

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Thursday 22 October 2009

BBC Stages BNP AFU Street Theatre

click here to go to the blogIf this is a serious riot, then BBC Gardener's Question Time is war. The numbers of cameras and journalists outnumbered the rioters three to one, and the Police were strangely absent from the BBC gate as it somehow opened itself. This is theatre, staged for consumption by the world's media. Why?

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Tuesday 13 October 2009

A Lesson For The Guardian

click here to go to the blogThe judge knew what they were doing. If anyone wanted to appeal, where would they go? The House Of Lords? Not any more. It would be the new ‘Supreme Court’ which is not a Supreme Court at all, but a junior court of the ECJ. If a case concerning Parliamentary Privilege were to appear before the ECJ, the appellant would lose.

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Monday 12 October 2009

Legg Protects The Powerful

click here to go to the blogWhen I was first appointed Lord Chancellor,' he (Derry) drones, 'my Permanent Secretary, Sir Thomas Legg, impressed upon me the advantages for me, both as Lord Chancellor and as Speaker, of living in the residence. I took the view that there was much to be said for accepting that advice.'...

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Sunday 11 October 2009

Lisbon Treaty Legalises Paedophilia

click here to go to the blogThis video explains how, in all previous EU Treaties,there is an Article covering sexual orientation, expressing that the Treaty must be interpreted without prejudice to any sexual orientation. But there was always a protocol added to the 'sexual orientation' Article, whereby paedophilia was expressly excluded. In the Lisbon Treaty, Article 21 permits...

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ECR Is A Tory Stitch-Up

click here to go to the blogThe ECR has been presented by the Conservatives as 'not-the-federalist-EPP', but an anti Lisbon alliance. Why is the leader of the ECR then, a supporter of the Lisbon Treaty? That is why he should be gone from the leadership of the ECR. Conservatives don't need him for that reason.

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Murdochs Lose Cricket For Attacking Labour And Lisbon In Sun

click here to go to the blogLabour’s fury against James Murdoch swinging The Sun to support Cameron, and against the Lisbon Treaty is starting to show.
First it’s cricket they are taking away from him. Next it will be football. All very predictable.

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Saturday 10 October 2009

Political Parties - Rich Men's Playthings

click here to go to the blogYou may have heard of the Jury Team, with hero of the Glasgow Airport terror attack, John Smeaton, standing for Parliament in the coming Glasgow by-election. They slipped in a few votes in the EP elections - 75,000 odd which isn't bad for a party which only started this year.

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Thursday 8 October 2009

Conservatives! Get Into The PR Driving Seat NOW!

click here to go to the blogare referenda the only avenue available to negotiate and articulate the eurosceptic appetite growing across Britain? There are other possibilities. One idea is a little bit lateral, but once you think about it, quite a good one. Why don't the Conservatives notice something? That something is this...

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Wednesday 7 October 2009

Detailed Evidence Suggests Irish Referendum 2 was Rigged

click here to go to the blogThe Presiding Officers in the following polling stations in and near Dublin, supposedly a high turnout area, gave their vote totals to unofficial election monitors associated with the COIR Campaign. The highest are 60%. The average a lot lower - maybe 50%. As Dublin was a high turnout area, it suggests that the officially claimed turnout figure of 59.7% was a false figure.

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Tuesday 6 October 2009

Britain's Eurosceptics Need PR

click here to go to the blogThe Conference has left the eurosceptic wing totally turned off....that is 80% of the party. The media are threatening dire talk of Cameron's support leaving him if he turns to the right - i.e. they will clobber him if he dares to go eurosceptic. And on cue, he's gone dead on referendum talk. The media are the gate-keepers. The Conservatives are stranded.

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Boris Creams Paxman And Saves £5 Billion On London Transport

click here to go to the blogIt's why Boris is good with money. Honesty is so much cheaper to fund that bullshit. You could feel your taxes coming down, and people getting looked after better. Boris would be able to get rid of all the bureaucrats and keep the front line services. His speech to conference was much funnier and more informative in that way.

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Monday 5 October 2009

Lisbon Referendum In Ireland Was Rigged

click here to go to the blogThe turnout figure was given at near 60%. In fact it was around 40%. Another 50% of votes were added during the count to the YES totals, doubling their number. In the film above, it is clear that no attempt was made to hide the total lack of security surrounding the ballot boxes. The lids are open.

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Cameron Can Bide His Time

click here to go to the blogNow is not the moment. The false quantitative mini-boom will not last. Share prices are being massively subsidised in the USA with an average $10 billion a day being released to buy shares by the Fed. This cannot go on forever, maybe another year but not more. The hope is that the real economy.. will be repaired by then, but there are simply too many debts.

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